Poiesis is the ancient Greek root term of the modern word 'poetry'. The term Poiesis means 'to create' or 'to make' - an action that transforms and continues the world; the essence of formation.  Poiesis is referred to as a 'bringing-forth' - as the blooming of the blossom, the emerging of a butterfly from a cocoon, or the plummeting of a waterfall when the snow begins to melt (by Martin Heidegger, the famous German philosopher). A transformative 'bringing-forth' that reconciles thought with matter and time, and man with the world.

PoiesisOnline is a mission to blend creativity and novelty through poiesis. 

Let imagination flow!


Hi Folks, 

Welcome and glad to see you here. We believe that your presence here somehow gives a clue that you are connected to poetry, literature or poiesisonline.com.

We would like to introduce our website here to give you a general idea about our activities, purpose and ultimate mission.

Friend, right from our inception of this website around 2006 to the current year,  our creative platform connected seamlessly with poets and writers nationally and internationally and amalgamated writers under our website in the form of national and international poetry and short story collections, internationally acknowledged global contests titled Rabindranath Tagore Award, Bharat Award, Maharshi VedVyas Award for Books and through our national meets hosted annually in the different states of India bringing together writers and authors, upholding its diversity, culture and integrity.

Poiesisonline had laid a strong foundation for poetry, infused confidence and created incessant enthusiasm in writers to contribute for a common cause called writing. It has created a domain that has access to writers from all walks of life. Over years we have inspired, identified and rewarded innumerous writers from near and far.

Poiesisonline is otherwise considered as one of the synonyms for the word called 'poetry'.  This spirit and creative spree is still spreading its horizons and becoming more and more productive, opening up as a trustworthy space called 'home' for all writers and lovers of literature. We can confidently say that our tireless efforts over years created a fertile soil for emerging writers to believe in the style of English writing in an Indian version and atmosphere, which was otherwise termed as something like a terrain that is ever foreign or alien. 

Indian poetry and writing scenes witnessed many talented writers from abroad and their creative interactions, contributions reaching out to us with the advent of Social media Platforms. We haven't stopped just in the social media 'likes and hypes', but we have transcended and is still transcending its ill-effects and potential de-merits by setting great examples and by persistently raising the standards of writing in all possible ways like a great mission.

Going by the quote of our beloved poet  "And miles to go before I sleep", we are rowing, believing in the power of creativity, positive connectivity and in the purity of what we boast called "POIESIS".

This site works as a divine temple of art to us and to our supporters. Lately, for the easiness of our beloved writers clan, we have streamlined and structured our creative offerings under our publishing website www.xpresspublications.com  . We gladly welcome you all there ...

With Kindling Spirit and Thanks,

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan
Founder - Chief Editor, PoiesisOnline.com