PoiesisOnline is all about matchless explorations in the domain of literature and a trend setting platform for poetry and positive expression right from its origin. Over years, we have knitted such memorable great collections for the world. We are still continuing with this passionate affair with the blessings of our good friends and wonderful supporters from all over the world.

‘Blessings’… (Writing as a Tool of Meditation)

Our invitation is meant to take writing away from its mundane lethargic expressive styles that are just clinging around a writer’s periphery. ‘Blessings’, our proposed anthology calls for getting into a personal meditative state of writing, to share its positive vibrations to the world around and for the generation that is growing up along with us. In this sense, with ‘Blessings’ here begins a therapy of writing that involves personal dedication, sacrifice or an attempted meditation. Perhaps, you are joining us in laying the foundation for a new approach to the concept of writing.

Isn’t it challenging and something worthy to be tried? Are you willing to join us and set a new beginning that we address as ‘an era of positive writing’?

‘We believe positive writing itself is the greatest charity a writer can ever do in his lifetime and we don’t see any other disease greater than what diseased human minds are capable to spread around the world’. We love to see you all take writing as a self-refining quest to go beyond the habitual patterns of self-deception. We hope you will agree with this that ‘world we live in now needs more positivity and light than ever’. So to bring in this, ‘we have to make use of our special gifts we have in the form of language and our brightest inner flowers called thoughts’. ‘We are here, not to misuse the power of language, or to make any petty verbal showoffs, but to meet and deal with the honest positive writer within all of us’.

If you are confident to take writing in the above perception or something better than this…you may share your best poems or short essays that can serve as an inspiration to this world. We will be glad and grateful for such special works shared with us for this 12th international collection titled ‘Blessings’

Terms and conditions

Poems – Line limit - 25 lines (2 poems max/author)
Duet poems – Line limit (24 lines maximum, 20 lines minimum.)
Short Essays – 1500 words maximum (one essay /author)

Last date of Submission: January 31st, 2016
Our Email : publishatxpress@gmail.com

Selection Procedure
Selection of entries will be done by our editorial panel of members and on selection of the entries, authors will be given intimation and the details will be published in our website.

Happy Positive Writing....:)

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

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