‘Kindling the Kindness’

‘Kindling the Kindness’ is the new humanitarian project promoted by and its international community of poets/writers supported by, Rabindranath Tagore Award International community, Bharat Award for Literature community and any other groups or organization willing to join us to promote this concept from time to time.

This humble project is founded to help restore the world destructed by natural calamities, any of such severe kind of outbreaks that requires financial assistance to help rebuild the social infrastructure and life back to its favorable conditions.

Apart from sharing a contribution we receive through our poetic ventures of all kind, this is also a public initiative to promote the culture of charity and kindness in general. The scope and domain of this project is beyond any nationalistic borders and is dedicated to human welfare in general.

Depending upon the nature of calamities that may happen, we will initiate short online campaigns to collect money for promoted projects and this will be distributed through our members in the form of money or materials as per the need and practicality.

As we grow the project and its scope will be more organized, amended and extended to enlarge and emerge as a great association of kind people from all over the world. This will be a pure non-profit organization supported by its kind voluntary members.

So if you have an interest to do some charity, volunteer for this, you may join us as a lifetime missionary of kindness.

for kindling the kindness,

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan



You can submit your contributions through the below link




Kindling the Kindness - Project #1

Project Title : Chennai - Flood Disaster - Rehabilitation Project

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Founding Members

  1. Sathya Pattanaik(Odisha, India)
  2. Harish Srinivasan(Tamilnadu, Chennai, India)
  3. Ravi Ranganathan(Tamilnadu,Chennai, India)
  4. Annie Christopher(Bournemouth, UK)
  5. Ashok Kumar Dash(Odisha, India)
  6. Dr. Sasa Korom ( Italy )
  7. Dr. Ram Sharma ( Uttarpradesh, India )
  8. Gopakumar Radhakrishnan ( Kerala, Palakkad, India)
  9. Achyut Kumar Rath ( Odisha, India )
  10. Rishabh Parashar ( Madhyapradesh, India )
  11. Subramanian. A  ( Kerala, Palakkad, India )
  12. MangalaPrathaban Muralidharan ( Tamilnadu, India)
  13. S. Chandrasekhar (Uttarpradesh, Lucknow, India)
  14. Pramod (Dang, Nepal)
  15. Uma Khemani  (Ara, Bihar)