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Duet Poetry

Duet Poetry

Duet poetry is the very latest surprise and a gift to the world of poetry and literature and surprisingly this happened in our era. Invention of the Duet poetry format has doubled the power of poetic expressions and its uniting effect. ‘Synthesis - the International Duet Poetry Anthology’ released by poiesisonline.com (2014) was the maiden effort towards the vast domains of the duet poetry.

Some of the outstanding features of duet format of poetry are enlisted here for those who want to explore the possibilities of Duet-Poetry.

 Possibilities of the Duet-Poetry

Personal Possibilities

·         Duet Poetry opens up the opportunities for personal growth and the poetic skills.

·         It helps to overcome the internal idea conflicts, personal shortcomings and any such personal barriers.

·         Poets no longer will be identified as solitary beings.

·         A shift in the poet’s thought process from ‘mine’ to ‘ours’ will be the pleasant outcome.

Humanitarian and Spiritual possibilities

·         Combined thought process on the selected themes

·         Creates a new culture of understanding between duet partners from varied backgrounds

·         Duets poems will gift merged forms of human values, sentiments, cultural, religious and philosophical perceptions.

·         Duets are expected to gift and establish new form of humanitarian concepts.

·         Duets will be a unique gift for the growing up kids. Now they have a fresh format to explore, study and enjoy.

Academic Possibilities

·         Duet poetry can be applied to the syllabus and academic curriculum from the university level as a revolutionary step.

·         Duets offer better experiences to the teachers of literature by gifting them a new format of poetry to teach.

·         Poems will be deeply understood and remain credited to the duet poets.

·         It will gift a great reading and writing experience

·         Can experience the rhetorical variations in the combined duet-recitations by author poets.

  Artistic Application Possibilities

·         Bring poets and the world together for new forms of creativity.

·         Combined themes for the music and song writing professionals.

·         Emergence of enriching great duet collections.

 Self realization

·         Poems of this kind will be a great thing to remember in a poet’s life as it is the fruit of the combined effort with their favorite partner.

·         Duets-poems are surely a memorable collaborative gift to the world.



Gopakumar Radhakrishnan

(World Record Holder - 'Inventor of the duet poetry format')