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Duet Poems

The basic duet poetry formats and its samples

( Poems are displayed here after getting the written permission of its authors for the educational and promotional purpose of duet-poetry)

( A & B Format or Twin Style ) ( 20 Lines )

Familiar Wardrobe

As I walk down the streets

I see everything as so familiar and mine

I have been ever living and dying

Amidst all these passing scenes

I come, live and vanish

Wearing the micro and the macro

Wardrobe of a drop or that of the formless breeze

Decoding my brain won’t show that

But my soul will show that to you

When you are truly with your soul

Gopakumar Radhakrishnan, India

I see you from the other side, this street of Soul,

separated by culture, class and country…

the difference we care to die for,

fall in praise to what we are meant to live for

I hear the sound of your Soul’s song,

in thoughts show through…

by the Peace of your eyes,

and so now, Life will flourish,

Death has nothing over us…

This soul’s street is familiar to us…

Todd Medina, United States

(ABAB Format or Merged Style)

One Last Day

A: Just in case I am given a day’s life longer

B: One day is all that I need

A: I would be able to do things which I have only wondered

B: And the things that I have lingered

A: I would not hesitate if it happens to be a rainy day

B: Or storms blocking my way

A: Because I may not live another day to experience it

B: And fight along to cherish it.

A: I would not like to aggrieve anyone along my way

B: Or take the hard feelings as I move ahead

A: Because I cannot carry that grudge to my precious last day

B: And waste away my seconds on thoughts blue and gray

A: I would not care if I get a little less as my share in anything

B: Because I will feel it's getting preserved for what I am wishing

A: I understand it is not possible to get a fair share in each & everything

B: But I really hope if it can be little unfair to get me my last day dream.

A: If I can emulate this feeling of living the last day on Earth,

B: Just imagine the hope and the peace

A: with which I will go off to bed

B: without a worry for the next day!

Poet A

Rashmi Ranjan Das, Odisha, India

Poet B

Nirlipta Panda, Odisha, India